About the Blog

Originally from northern Virginia, I attended Virginia Tech where I received my BS in marketing management with a professional sales concentration and Spanish minor. Upon graduation, I relocated 5 hours south for my corporate dream job in North Carolina.

Although I’m thrilled and grateful to have the position I have at the company I do, I needed a creative outlet and – for a marketing specialist at a tech company – a website seemed fitting. There are countless blogs out there but the idea here is to compile a sort of highlight reel of the best years of my life and where I spend them.  In doing so, this blog serves as a computerized extension of my personal brand for others and also as a sort of “modern memoir” for me.

As you can see, I have a long list of travel plans. And although I look forward to all of these adventures and more in my future, there are plenty of things I enjoy doing now that will make their way to the blog in the meantime. I love cooking, photography, fashion & makeup, reading, calligraphy, music, interior design…pretty much anything involving the right half of my brain. And  the trips I do get to take, you’ll find right here.